New Big Board

I’ve replaced the old “Top 32” section with a new “Big Board” section that lists a top 50 prospects for the class. There are a few notable differences between this format and the old one beyond the inclusion of an additional 18 players. Specifically, this board does not include the names of prominent underclassmen who I expect to return to school, whereas the old one included anyone who was draft eligible.

Additionally, this list reflects a strong Redskins bias whereas the old list provided a more general ranking. This means that the list was made with a view towards the Redskins team needs, drafting style, and scheme quirks. For example, it’s well established that Mike Shanahan devalues running backs early in the draft, so you’ll see prospects like Mark Ingram and LaMichael James ranked significantly below where I think they’ll rank for other teams. Also, offensive linemen who fit poorly into a zone blocking scheme, and defenders who fit very poorly into a 3-4 base front were all but removed from consideration. Lastly, positions where the Redskins are flush were massively de-valued, namely, strong safeties, pure left tackles, and tight ends.

Click here to view the board.

– Andrew


About andrewbreckinridge

I'm a diehard Washington Redskins fan who loves watching college football and following the NFL draft.
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