Ryan Mallett by Justin P.

Ryan Mallet, QB, Arkansas
RS Junior, 6’6″, 238 lbs.

Big Tex instead of Rex?

Standing at 6 foot 6 and 238 pounds, Ryan Mallett is seen as one of the top rated QB’s heading into the 2011 draft and rightfully so as he displays some rare athletic abilities to him. With a cannon arm and great size many teams feel that he can be the franchise QB when you allow him to do the things he does best. Mallett is a Michigan transfer and by going to Arkansas he has made a great job by now making himself one of the top QB’s. What separates him from another QB like Locker is the arm strength and that’s the best thing that Mallett possesses as a QB. He’s someone who can throw the ball with a flick of the wrist 60 yards down field

Now that you have a little background on him, lets get into the strengths with him first before we get to the weaknesses and the outlook on him. The strengths of Mallett are really 2 fold. One is his size, because for a guy who is 6’6 that’s something that can be both a positive and a negative. In the positive respect you have a guy who can stand tall in the pocket and read a defense and be able to do it easily and Mallett is able to do so. Also when you look at him and you watch him play again the Arm strength just sticks out and it shows just how talented he is. The concern some will have is that he’s got the big arm but can he use it the right way instead of being someone who just chucks it and hopes. With Mallett he’s very smart with his arm strength and you can see it on film, when he goes deep and the guy he think can make a play, he throws it there. If the deep route isn’t open he’s very capable of making the intermediate throws to his TE’s and WR’s. Mallett has great positives about him and its definitely seen in this video cut up on youtube

While its always great to talk about the positives about QB’s, the fact is that you need to discuss the negatives and what the guy doesn’t do well. When I talked about the size earlier it has a big negative effect on him as well in regards to his throwing motion. While he does have a good motion and its effective, it also is elongated and ends up being a concern at the next level because once he faces better pass rushers he wont be able to to make some of those passes because of the fact that motion is elongated. Another concern with Mallett is his accuracy and while you can just ignore it because he’s in college and he’s still learning the nuances of the game, but the fact remains that a lot of QB’s who are inaccurate in college remain inaccurate when they get into the pros. It’s something to be noted too because as we have seen with the Kyle Shanahan offense you need an accurate QB who can keep a rhythm to the offense and if Mallett is inaccurate then it would be similar to the McNabb situation. The last real negative with Mallett is something I’ve been reading a lot lately, and that is the concerns about his work ethic and its starting to surface now that scouts have been informed about it. That’s a huge sticking point especially with us as we have seen that if you won’t put in the work to be a player then you won’t be on this team.

Now that you’ve seen the positives and negatives on Mallett, the thing now is well what is the projection of him? Personally I think the team stays far away from him mainly due to the elongated release accuracy issues and the work ethic. Yes he has the physical tools to be a great QB but the work ethic you can’t change until the player finally gets it and that could never happen. We are a team that needs to hit on a pick early on and Mallett is a very risky pick, not on the level of Newton but a risky pick at that. A team who runs a more vertical offense will look at him heavily like an Oakland who uses the play action to go for the deep ball, but with our O that utilizes the middle of the field along with the deep ball isn’t the best fit for him.

Justin P.


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